Things you need to know about cardro pro software

Many have been coming my inbox through mail and WhatsApp asking more info about cardro pro,what it is and how it works, please kindly read carefully about it below!

  • What is Cardro pro:
  • Cardro pro software is the number one best tools for bvn hacking, credit carding, OTP bypass and wizard work.
    It is in form of app that works in both android,iPhone and PC all together.

    It performs anonymous transactions without any trace left behind.

  • What is cardro pro activation code
  • This is a random secret license key giving to any subscribers for him to access and use all cardro pro functions and transactions successfully.
    This code can only be use in your device and you cant share it with anyone because it won’t work for him.

  • Why is cardro showing successful but i did not receive alert?
  • I received lots of this message about transacting with cardro pro, it will show successful but no alert received, the reason is that you bought an already used activation code outside, someone sold to you an activation already used in another device, to prevent spam and bot we made the activation to successfully work in one device, so If you are facing this issue that means you didn’t buy the activation code from us and your have been cheated, in this reason we won’t be hold responsible for your ignorance.

    If you are in this shoe all you need to do is delete the software from your phone, download new one and buy activation code directly from our Website here, we will help you with the full setup and support.

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  • What can i use cardro pro for ?
  • This software app can be use for hacking of banks through the use of bvn info. (Anonymous transactions), can be use to flash fake alert to someone’s account and also you can use it for otp diversion.

  • How much is cardro pro activation code
  • The cost of cardro pro activation code is $80 in Dollar and #33,000 in Naira, so in which ever method you wish or want you can use. Kindly pay through our official account

  • How do i make payment for activation code?
  • We accept two payment methods, Bitcoin and and bank transfer payment, how ever bitcoin payment is faster and confirms immediately (5munites) while bank transfer confirmation takes a little bit time (20 minutes).
    To pay with bitcoin kindly visit our shop page and select the software you are looking for, fill in your name and correct email address and also the required details, but what we need most is your email address, after that a page with bitcoin option will open,copy the wallet address and send the equivalent amount of bitcoin to the address.the system confirms your payment immediately and email will be sent to you containing your activation code.

    To pay with bank transfer click our bank portal and copy the bank account details, after your payment,send us the payment proof through WhatsApp or email address

  • How can i contact cardro po customer care?
  • To reach us for any enquires or complain kindly send us a mail or message us on WhatsApp +17326639057

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    1. Thanks, now i understand and its working

    2. I am a subscriber using the cardro pro, how can i join the reselling team ? I want to be selling activation code

    3. Thank God i bought directly from you guys

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