Cardro pro v8.5 And Activation code


38,000.00 32,000.00

cardro pro software application is the number one bank hacking software worldwide, this latest version 8.5 can be use to withdraw money from bank accounts with the use of BVN and also bypass otp codes while making payment. buying this software you will get access to the activation code and application for your device.



  1. Joshua James says:

    I want to buy the app

  2. Gift okpotu says:

    Pls I need help on how to purchase the cardro pro. Thank you and if there is anyone interested. I have a big job at hand. We can work together and split funds. My email is gifted505

  3. How I’m I going to make the payment???

      1. Solara Scott says:

        How can I get the activation code

        1. Please has anyone bought the cardro app that worked please indicate

          1. I bought last month and worked well for me

  4. Is it any bitcoin app for payments or luno only

  5. How do I get the app and the activation code?? I have the app on my phone v8.5 and I nee to make payment to start using it ..I need help

  6. Hairston George says:

    Hello Big Bro Softwares, Please I need software

  7. Ibiam Kelvin says:

    Please I don’t really understand how to pay for the activational code,
    How can I pay?

  8. Ibiam Kelvin says:

    And please I also want to know the maximum amount you can transfer at once?

  9. investorabdul says:

    Please i want to buy one can i have your WhatsApp number

  10. investorabdul says:

    How do i get the app and activation code for my mobile phone (spark 4)

  11. I don’t have Bitcoin account how can I pay can I pay with my bank account

  12. I need activation code how can I have it

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